About Haich Counselling

Maybe you are seeking counselling because you feel stuck in your life right now or have reached a crisis point? Perhaps you are being pulled down by depression, isolation, grief, a difficult relationship or circumstances? 

Maybe there are an undercurrent of things buried in your past such as trauma, loss or abuse that are resurfacing or preventing you from achieving the things you want to.

Perhaps you have family or work problems, or it might be that the path forward seems headed in the wrong direction or is frightening because of illness, anxiety or stress. 

Perhaps you don’t know what is wrong, only that something is wrong and you feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed with life.


My name is Heidi and the therapy I offer has the potential to work and heal at a deep, core level, caring for and alleviating distress at its source.   It is ultimately up to you though as to which direction you want your therapy to take, and as a person-centred practitioner I will always be guided by you.

You might want to talk or use your sessions creatively utilising art, crafts, photographs or other materials.  I place a lot of emphasis on the therapeutic relationship and aim to accompany you on your healing or self-development journey offering hope, compassion and empathy.

I can explore with you ways of working that suit your needs, enabling exploration of memories, feelings, self and options whilst gently challenging any unhelpful beliefs you might hold that are getting in the way of your process.

I am a qualified counsellor (PG-Dip) registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).  You might like to click here to read more about my qualifications, training, facilities and the services I can offer.