I am a qualified as a counsellor (PG-Dip) registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), which is an accredited register of qualified counsellors.  My qualification, relevant training, BACP membership and Professional Indemnity Insurance certificate are available for inspection.

Since qualifying as a counsellor in 2012, I have developed a particular interest in how our childhood relationships and experiences shape how we are in the world as adults. These are often at the core of ‘issues’ brought to counselling such as anxiety, anger and depression and can affect things like our adult relationships, how we respond to situations and how resilient we are. I am also struck with the power of narrative and how we use it to frame and make sense of our lives. Many of us hold unhelpful beliefs about ourselves and counselling can shine a light on these, enabling them to be seen from a different perspective. It then becomes easier to let these beliefs go and in their place adopt healthier ones.

I am happy to be creative in helping you communicate your story or your difficulties by using art, clay, sand tray therapy, etc. These mediums can be very powerful in helping the healing process.

I have a lot of experience working with relational abuse and power dynamics. In my private work, I provide telephone counselling to service-users of the charity, Mums-in-Need (www.mumsinneed.com), who have experienced psychological abuse from ex-partners which can be replicated through the family court system.

I also have specific experience working with people who have been diagnosed with life-limiting illnesses such as cancer and work as an affiliate counsellor for Brainstrust (https://brainstrust.org.uk/): and for Professional Help (https://www.professionalhelp.org.uk) in respect of grief counselling and EAP work.

I work in a non-pathologising way with gender, sexual and relational diversity.

Please call me on 01505 805890 or 07467 024320 with any questions, or use the enquiry form.